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Message from the President

Message from the President

Founded in 1955, Howa is now in its 61st year, having grown as an auto parts company with many bases in Japan and overseas. In the field of car interior components, where needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the advancement of motorization, we have grasped those needs and achieved customer satisfaction and customer trust through new technologies and products that surpass those of our rivals.

Under the motto "Creating In-car Comfort", Howa has refined its product and production technologies in order to deliver products with ideal functionality and quality from the perspective of car users. That is where the identity of Howa products lies, in our eco-friendly material development and our production technologies targeting zero emissions, stemming from our stance of environmental conservation since our foundation. Based on such a history and track record, we will pursue the next generation of in-car comfort in accord with the global environment era.

Today, the Howa Group has expanded its manufacturing sites to countries that produce 75% of the world's automobile manufacturing market. We want to be a company that takes pleasure in supplying high-level products to our customers worldwide via the HOWA-WAY of responding quickly to different countries' diverse automotive needs.
Meanwhile, we will always remember our management philosophy "A Company is its People" as we train energetic and creative personnel and focus on building a global and richly diverse corporate culture. I am convinced that maintaining this philosophy is what will lead to the creation of the new era that Howa is aiming for.
Going forward, we intend to keep using the integrated power of the Howa Group to make reliable products, retaining our confidence and pride as a manufacturer of unique car interior components. In this regard, we hope we can continue to rely on your guidance and support.

Tatsuro Ito